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Trucks generally have poor aerodynamics which leads to fuel being wasted fighting drag instead of getting truckers where they need to go. This can be easily improved with affordable products that can be retrofit to your existing truck.

Average 10% improvement in fuel efficiency at speeds of 70kmh+

Average 5 year savings of $50,000+ and 70 tonnes of CO2 per truck

Average time to make back the cost of Budgie products in fuel savings


Make trucking more sustainable

Our mission at Budgie is to make trucking more sustainable through aerodynamic efficiency. We recognise that to be successful in reducing emissions within freight, there must be a commercial benefit for carriers too. Improving aerodynamic efficiency means that every tonne of carbon avoided also saves a tonne of money for Aussie truckers. Our first mission as a company is to abate 10,000 tonnes of CO2.

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James Frankel, Co-Founder

Head of Data, Canva | Head of Product Growth, Canva | Head of Mobile, | Sustainability, UCLA

James serves as Budgie’s Chief Executive, with diverse experience working in leadership across product, data and growth at the most successful technology companies in Australia. In 2021 he left software to pursue his lifelong passion for improving our environment and fighting climate change.

Duncan Hills, CTO & Co-Founder

Systems Lead, Lockheed Martin | MSc, Space Systems | BE, Mechanical Engineering with Mechatronics | Board Member, AIAA | Head of People Operations, |

Duncan’s passion for engineering is driven by his passion for people and our planet. Duncan leads Budgie’s research and development, drawing upon his experience of leading technical teams across diverse engineering disciplines including Spacecraft Systems, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Oil & Gas, and Telecoms.