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Budgie Fins

Budgie fins are small, lightweight fins, made of tough, UV-resistant ASA plastic. They stick to the cab of the truck and the rear of the trailer to reduce drag. Their technical name is ‘vortex generators’.

Budgie Fins

How they work

Budgie Fins are plastic fins that stick to the cab of the truck and the rear of the trailer using automotive grade adhesive. They reduce drag by spinning the air and forcing it upwards.

Vortex Generator

Vortex Generators are plastic fins that stick to the cab of the truck and the rear of the trailer. They work by spinning the air and forcing it upwards.

This allows the air to steal momentum from the smooth, fast moving air above it. This speeds up the slow moving air on the surface of the truck, reducing drag.

On The Cab

At the front, the Budgie Fins are stuck to the rear of the cab and work by helping the air to jump the gap between the cab and the trailer, preventing it from getting stuck, therefore reducing drag.

On The Trailer

At the back of the trailer, the spinning the air from the Budgie Fins steals energy from the fast moving air above, which helps speed up the air close to the truck, pulling it in tight behind to prevent turbulence and reduce drag.

Proven Design

Studies by Transport for NSW as part of the Green Truck partnership show that Vortex Generators improve performance by 5-8% conventional vehicles.

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Can I install the Budgie Fins myself?

  • Yes! Budgie Fins are very easy to install. Each fin comes with a double-sided stickypad, with automotive-grade acrylic adhesive. Simply peel the covers on the stickypads, apply to the fin and firmly press on to the vehicle.
  • Budgie Fins should ideally be placed 4 inches (10.1cm) apart. It’s ok to put them further apart but not less.
  • We recommend cleaning the vehicle first to ensure a smooth, clean surface for the best adhesion.
  • The vehicle can be driven after 15 minutes but full adhesion is achieved after 24 hours. Avoid power washing them for 3 days.

Do I need any special tools?

Nope! Just grab a tape measure and then peel and stick! 

Which way round do they go??

This is kind of counter-intuitive… they need to be placed with the wide, flat edge pointing forward and the pointy end facing to the back of the truck. Think of it as the fin “scooping up” the air.

Do these things really work?

We get it, these things are pretty weird but they really do work and have been proven in numerous studies, including by the department of Transport for NSW and even NASA!

What are Budgie Fins made of?

Budgie Fins are made of a tough, lightweight plastic called ASA, which we selected for its excellent UV-resistance. Other aerodynamics companies often use the inferior ABS plastic in their products but we use ASA to ensure that our products will survive for years to come in the Aussie sunshine!

What temperature range can Budgie Fins handle?

Our tough ASA plastic allows Budgie Fins to survive the toughest conditions Australia can throw at them: from -40°C to +75°C!

What colours do they come in?

Our standard colours are black or white but we can produce them in any colour to order. Reach out to us to find out more!

Can I paint them?

You can! Reach out to us and we can supply you with specific painting instructions. We recommend painting before applying to the truck.

Can I use them with a flatbed?

There’s no point sticking them to the actual flatbed trailer itself but they will still make a big difference by using them on the tractor.

How many Budgie Fins will I need?

A typical tractor will require about 75-80 and a trailer will need about the same number. We sell them in packs of 80. So typically 160 in total.

Where should I place them?

You’ll want to get them as close to the back edges of the tractor and the trailer as possible. They should be placed 4 inches (10.1cm) apart for best performance but no less.

What about tautliners?

Budgie Fins work great with tautliners, however, they need to be specially mounted because the regular adhesive would damage the vinyl curtain. We work with local tautliner specialists to mount the fins using an additional vinyl layer. Reach out to us for more info and we can put you in touch with a specialist fitter.

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